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ly found) dunno if "SpiceCast" is for real or if it's some novelty/game i don't like qjackctl..... it's great to have a nice gui for such things, but it's a bit too inelegant and ugly (since every other system has it integrated into the sound card driver) guess i'll have to make an xfce panel applet Delta, hah, yeah. I might just try to add myself to the blacklist jrgill: hmm..... what are you blacklisting, though? i have a laptop and desktop here, and the laptop has no bluetooth.... (but i've been meaning to try iBus to see if i can make my keyboard more international-y) delt, well the current version of the networkmanager-kde package is causing problems for me. It is trying to access the internet constantly. This is causing the "slow" network icon to appear on the panel and it prevents me from using the internet oh, ok... i could try to black out bluetooth and see if that might make it work properly... I mean, I can continue using it for a little while, but after a bit it stops and shows the same error in dmesg like bluetooth adapter in port 1 / disable? delt, yep delt, also, if I configure my network manually in nm-applet it works fine so, how are you using bluetooth? I use Bluetooth to stream music to my windows PC from an iphone ah, ok. i just added a bluetooth module to my laptop and don't see it yet in lspci I was under the impression that it was already supported in KDE I think it's something with the newer networkmanager-kde package ok, let me try And it's my impression that the kubuntu team is still working to iron out all of the kde




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Style Korg Pa500 SET TALLAVA Free Downloadrar [2022]

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